Friday, November 06, 2015

November News

I am excited to be able to now use my blog to send communication home.  There are plenty of things going on at school this month and the calendar linked to this blog also has important dates indicated.

November 9-12th:  Green screen props are needed at school for filming
November 11th - Remembrance Day Assembly at 10am.  Students are encouraged to wear red, white and black.
November 13th - P.A. Day - no school for students
November 16th - Picture retake day
November 26th - "ER" day, wear things that end in "ER"
November 30th - Month end assembly, Pizza and Pita orders are due for December

In our classroom we have just completed our Narrative writing and have moved onto our Drama unit. We are using what we learned in our Narrative writing to create Green Screen films, that follows a Narrative script.  Props are needed for these and filming begins next week.

In math, the grade 7's have been working through their Data Management unit.  They have been refreshing their math minds on such concepts as bar graphs, histograms, line graphs,  broken-line graphs, pictographs, mean, median, mode and range.  The new concept this year is the circle graph.

Science is being done through blended this year and four different science teachers will be working through four different units.

In history we are working through a Novel Study on the War of 1812 entitled "The Bully Boys", by Eric Walters.  We are also learning about the development of New France and how controversy with the Aboriginals originated.

In Phys Ed., we just completed our soccer unit and are moving into our volleyball unit.  In Health we are working through our healthy eating unit and learning about nutritional labels,  balanced meals and ingredient lists.

In the Arts, we have completed our colour unit and are moving into our line unit.  We will be using our knowledge of analagous colours to develop various line designs that highlight the power of line in art.

It should be a fun month!

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